I'M Michale! doodle MOM, PHOTOGRAPHER, FRIEND and taco aficianado

hey, you!

Relationships-they are what my business and life are built on.  At the end of a wedding day, it's not uncommon to hear from not only my couples, but their families and the bridal party that they loved working with me, they couldn't believe how fun and smooth the entire day went and can't wait to work together again.  And hugs.....always hugs.  I am a hugger and value the time that I get to spend with you. 

I am a people person, I crave relationships and friendships.  

On your wedding day you will find me taking portraits, directing you, your bridal party, your guests, etc.  You will also find me making sure your parents and grandma have gotten a plate of food.  I will ask your wedding party if they need anything.  I care that people are happy, that they are comfortable and I will do anything within my means to see that happen.

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