I love connecting with couples.  Hearing their stories; both as individuals and as a couple and getting to know them.  We quickly become fast friends and we always leave the engagement session or any meeting really with a hug.  I am a people person, I crave relationships and friendships.  

On your wedding day you will find me taking portraits, directing you, your bridal party, your guests, etc.  You will also find me making sure your parents and grandma have gotten a plate of food.  I will ask your wedding party if they need anything.  I care that people are happy, that they are comfortable and I will do anything within my means to see that happen.



I'M Michale! doodle MOM, PHOTOGRAPHER, FRIEND and taco aficianado

hey, you!

So usually, the first question is.....how in the hell do you pronounce your name ;)  So that we can become fast friends and avoid any awkwardness.....It's pronounced Michael.... As in Michael Jackson/Michael Jordan.  As a child of the 90's I can't tell you the number of Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson jokes I endured!  But I quickly came to realize that I love my name and it's hard to forget meeting a girl named Michael.  I go by Michale or Mike, or if you are my husband-Mikey.  This always garners a few weird looks when we are out and he yells across the store; "hey Mikey, come look at this ;)))

So a few things I love because we all want to know:

*I LOVE to travel-having a destination wedding-let's chat!
*yoga capris and bright running shoes(but I HATE running)
*mexican food-specifically steak tacos
*warm sunshine and golden light. 
*i am an iowa girl dreaming of california living. 
*in my downtime (not sure when that ever happens; you will find me reading, soaking up the sunshine and listening to the waves crash on the shore).
*i love to dance-but lord knows i can't. so i try to keep it hidden in the kitchen!  
*i believe in memories and moments and experiences.  

I love love. Simply put, I love working in an industry where I get to witness and document the beginning of your love story. To have images that bring you back to that day; how he looked at you, what he whispered in your ear, how you felt during your first dance. I want to be there to capture it all.

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