September 22, 2016

Day 3 California Trip {Venice Beach, Muscle Beach and Redondo Beach}

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Day 3 of our California trip involved lots of driving, walking and of course enjoying the sunshine.  We visited Venice Beach and the famous boardwalk.  Let me tell you, it is everything you see in the movies!  So many people, from all walks of life, enjoying the surf, the sand, and of course, Muscle Beach.  We got lucky(I got lucky) and there was some great eye candy while there!!  I couldn’t believe these guys!  There was one guy-I bet at least 6’6″ or more, that did some pretty incredible hand stand push ups on TOP of a weight machine.  He did not one, not two, but four or five handstand pushups and holds in the air.  It was INSANE!  I had to include a couple of pictures because it was hard to believe!

We also got a chance to watch some skateboarders while we were there.  Man these guys have no fear!  Watching them ride, some fell; they all got back up again.  If it were me; I would still be laying in the bottom of the bowl!

Of course the performers that you see walking up and down the boardwalk were interesting too.  One guy was walking on glass!  I couldn’t stay and watch as he was jumping off a chair into a pile of broken glass–so no picture to share.

Enjoy our travels.  I will post a recap of our trip once we are back home and resume normal life 🙂

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