Big hair-don't care
love makeup
California Dreamin'
The beach is my happy place

I LOVE bright colored running shoes (although I despise running), mexican food(specifically steak tacos and amazing salsa!), and dancing-although I try to keep this to the kitchen(I can't dance!). But I might bust a move while photographing you to make you laugh!
I guarantee I will snort if you make me laugh too hard.  I will squeal when we get THE shot(every damn time!)  I have been photographing seniors since the beginning of my career and I never get bored or tired.  I love seeing life through your eyes.  Plus this means I get to stay up to date on current trends(although you will always see me in yoga pants) because I'm the boss and I say that's ok ;)

I love photographing seniors. Why? You are amazing! It's a huge world out there and you are all striving to make a difference in the world, make your own way, have amazing fashion sense, and live in a world where there are fabulous images everywhere you look. You deserve amazing images to document this huge moment in your lives!



Do you dream of having your senior pictures taken in the deserts of Nevada and the lights of Las Vegas?  What about playing in the ocean, running on the beach and playing games at the pier in Southern California?  
Lets GO!!  Contact me for more details.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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